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What is Shark Dive Xtreme?

Diving with sharks at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary, Sydney, is an exhilarating experience, and one of only a few experiences worldwide where you're guaranteed an underwater encounter with sharks. Our colony of Grey Nurse Sharks range in size from 1 to 3 metres, and when you do your shark dive with us, you get to enter their domain - without cages!

With NO PREVIOUS DIVING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, you'll not only meet Grey Nurse Sharks but also scuba dive with other Sydney local marine life including sea turtles, massive stingrays (and we mean MASSIVE), Port Jackson Sharks, Wobbegong Sharks and hundreds of amazing sea creatures!

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Grey Nurse Sharks are highly endangered on the east coast of Australia, with estimates of less than 500 along the entire coastline. Grey Nurse Sharks were hunted to near extinction last century, which lead to them wrongly being labeled as man-eaters.

The reality is that Grey Nurse Sharks are fish eaters, and their rows of thin, sharp protruding teeth are perfectly designed for grabbing slippery fish. Unlike species such as Great White Sharks and Tiger Sharks, Grey Nurse Sharks are unable to tear flesh with their teeth, meaning larger prey items that don't fit in their mouth in one go are well and truly off the menu.

Grey Nurse Sharks are the perfect shark for diving with for a safe shark dive experience, so for the most unique experience that Sydney has to offer, Shark Dive Xtreme at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary cannot be missed!

To ensure your safety, we ask that you read these rules VERY CAREFULLY. If you are ineligible to dive we will not permit entry to the shark tank.


Are you prepared for the ultimate dive?

Shark Feed Xtreme is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime, must-do Sydney experience where you'll have front row seats while our sharks, stingrays, turtles and fish are hand-fed by our experienced staff. Shark Feed Xtreme is suitable for first time divers, as well as an amazing bucket list thrill for experienced divers. 

Shark Feed Xtreme Experience

Be introduced to and learn about the animals from the Shark Tunnel before getting an introduction to SCUBA diving with a briefing on SCUBA equipment, required skills and safety aspects. We promise that before entering the Oceanarium, you will be completely comfortable with diving. Once you are comfortable breathing underwater it's time to watch the feed!

Stand amongst a feeding frenzy of fish, stingrays, turtles and small sharks while our staff hand-feed the crowds of animals. Then get ready to watch huge Grey Nurse Sharks being fed!

Shark Feed Xtreme is very popular - remember to book online to guarantee your experience!

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Important Information

- Available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning

- Maximum 2 guests per dive

- 2.5 hour experience including a 40 minute dive in Shark Harbour

- Shark Dive Xtreme and Shark Feed Xtreme are available to all people 14 years and older

- Medical conditions do apply and bookings are essential. Read the rules here.


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Save up to $47 Online!

Don SCUBA gear and enter the habitats of our deep water friends, coming face-to-face with our critically endangered Grey Nurse Sharks, turtles and stingrays.

Your Shark Dive Xtreme experience includes:

- All dive equipment and training
- 30 minute dive in 'Shark Harbour'
- Free entry to Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary
- Optional in-water photography
- De-brief & certificate

Shark Dive Xtreme is suitable for first time or experienced divers. Perfect conditions are guaranteed, with great visibility and loads of animals on every dive.

Shark Dive Xtreme is a must-do for travellers and visitors to Sydney and the perfect gift for thrill-seekers.

Shark Dive Xtreme also makes a fantastic gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Bucks days, Fathers Day, farewells or any other occassion! Gift Certificates are available and will be posted out in plain envelopes. Call us on 1-800-078-446 to purchase a Gift Certificate.

Shark Dive Xtreme is located at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary, West Esplanade, Manly, NSW.

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Shark Dive - From $252. Save up to $47

Our Shark Dive requires no previous SCUBA experience - we teach you everything you need to know to dive with the sharks.

Your Shark Dive Xtreme experience begins when you are introduced to the animals from the safety of the viewing tunnel. Your introduction to SCUBA Diving commences with a briefing on SCUBA equipment, required skills and safety aspects from one of our expert instructors. Before entering the Oceanarium, you will learn how to breathe underwater with personalized tuition from our instructors.

Once you are comfortable with the SCUBA equipment and breathing underwater its then time to meet the sharks!

During the 30 minute dive, your safety is our number one priority. The instructors will do their best to capture some fabulous underwater photos while you are face to face with 3.5 metre sharks. You'll have the opportunity to see the photos of your dive, which are available for you to purchase.

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Shark Feed Dive - $395 online

Our Shark Feed Dive gives you the opportunity to dive with the animals whilst they are hand-fed by our qualified staff.

This dive is suitable for first time and qualified divers, and includes:

 - SCUBA diving and shark awareness brief
 - 40 minute Oceanarium dive during the feed!
 - All equipment supplied (can bring own mask and full length wetsuit)
 - De-brief and certificate

Shark Feed Xtreme will have you just centimetres away from the animals as they are hand-fed by qualified aquarists!

About the Feed Dive

Your experience begins when you are introduced to the animals from the safety of the viewing tunnel. Your introduction to SCUBA Diving commences with a briefing on SCUBA equipment, required skills and safety aspects from one of our expert instructors. Before entering the Oceanarium, you will learn how to breathe underwater with personalized tuition from our instructors.

Once you are comfortable with the SCUBA equipment and breathing underwater its then time to meet the sharks!

During the first part of the dive, you will be right in the middle of the fish feeding frenzy, with stingrays, turtles and some small sharks coming nice and close! Next it is time to watch as the sharks are fed. Moving into shark feeding territory, you'll be underwater, face to face with the sharks during their feeding session.

During the 40 minute dive, your safety is the number one priority. The instructors will do their best to capture some fabulous underwater photos while you're face to face with the sharks. You'll have the opportunity to see the photos of your dive, which are available for you to purchase.

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Contact Shark Dive Xtreme

Phone: 1-800-078-446



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*Save $34 per person when you book online*

Give the ultimate gift - send someone into our shark tank!

Shark Dive Xtreme lets you dive into the main shark Oceanarium at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary and come face-to-face with 3 metre sharks, massive stingrays, turtles and more! It's a truly breathtaking experience and is one of the world's only guaranteed underwater shark encounters!

Whether you're looking for an unbeatable birthday gift, the best Christmas present or a graduation gift idea, Shark Dive Xtreme is the best experience in Sydney!

No scuba diving experience required!

Never scuba dived before? No problem - the Shark Dive Voucher is suitable for first time divers and includes tuition and safety training. 

IMPORTANT: Strict Medical and Heath and Safety rules apply. Please read the restrictions VERY carefully before purchasing a Gift Certificate.

< Click here to download the medical form >

< Click here to read the restrictions >

All forms are also available on arrival at Shark Dive Xtreme. All paperwork will need to be completed prior to the dive commencing. 

Booking the Dive

Upon receipt of the gift voucher in the mail, recipients of gift vouchers must phone Shark Dive Xtreme to book in a specific date and time for their dive.

When calling, they will need to provide their details and confirm that they meet the requirements for the dive. If they do not satisfy the requirements another person can be nominated as the diver at this stage (a $15 admin fee applies). However, the diver details CANNOT be changed again on the day of the dive. Dives are not refundable.

Delivery Information

For recipients in Australia, the gift voucher will be mailed free of charge via Australia Post. When checking out your basket in the online store you can select to have the gift voucher/s sent to yourself, or directly to your intended recipient. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery, although we will dispatch the gift vouchers within a maximum of 48 hours of your purchase with the aim to get them to you much sooner.  

For international recipients outside of Australia, we will email the voucher through to you.



Shark Dive Xtreme is the opportunity of a lifetime to come face-to-face with huge critically endangered Grey Nurse Sharks, turtles, stingrays, and loads of amazing fish… so be sure to show off your amazing experience to your friends and family.

Prove once and for all that you dived and survived with in-water photography available to view and purchase following the dive.

Facebook Feed Photos!

On every dive at Shark Dive Xtreme, one of our qualified dive guides will film your experience, giving you the opportunity to savour the moment forever that you came face-to-face with our huge sharks, turtles and stingrays.

We have various options available for purchasing both video footage and photos of your dive experience.


Package A: Your choice of 1 photo for $30

Package B: Your choice of 1 photo and all videos for $60

Extra Photos: $15 each

Package C: All photos and videos on a  Shark USB for $120. Of this $120, $5 goes to our Shark Rescue and Conservation Fund.



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No Diving Experience Required!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All divers MUST be able to speak English and have a reasonable degree of swimming ability. For health and saftey reasons we are unable to allow non-English speakers to dive with our sharks.

Scuba Diving is physically demanding and can be dangerous if you suffer from certain medical conditions. It is very important that you, the diver, do not suffer from any contraindications to diving.

Please carefully read the below list of medical conditions that may prohibit you from taking part in the Shark Dive for your own safety.

- Asthma
- Heart Disease
- Epilepsy
- Diabetes
- Chest Conditions including Pneumothorax
- Sinus Conditions
- Ear problems/surgery
- High blood pressure
- Pregnancy (pregnant woman are not permitted to dive).

If you suffer from or have suffered from any of the above medical conditions OR If you suffer from any other medical conditions, including recent injuries, surgeries or psychological conditions then you will be required to obtain a fully completed medical clearance from your doctor prior to booking in for the dive.


DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL the night before your dive.

DO NOT fly in an aircraft within 12 hours after your dive.

You must have a reasonable degree of swimming ability.

 Ready to go?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: All divers MUST be able to speak English. We regret for health and saftey reasons we are unable to allow non-English speakers to dive with our sharks.


It is a requirement that all divers arrive at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary to "check in" for their dive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Late arrival or non-attendance will result in non admittance to the dive session. Missing your scheduled dive time is non-refundable.

A maximum of two changes in the dive date, dive time or diver identity can be made up to 3 working days prior to the scheduled dive.  These changes are dependent upon availability and at the discretion of the Shark Dive Xtreme booking Coordinator.  An administrative fee of $15 for the first change and $30 for the second will apply and is payable at the time of the change.  Changes within 3 working days of the dive date will NOT be permitted.

Divers must be at least 14 years old (divers under 18 must have Shark Dive Xtreme Declaration form signed by parent or guardian), must speak a satisfactory level of English and satisfy our medical restrictions. Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person who does not satisfy these requirements. Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary will refuse admittance to any person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or behaving in an offensive/ uncooperative manner.

All Scuba Equipment will be supplied by Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Personal dive Masks & wetsuits are the only items that will be permitted to be used in the aquarium. Personal underwater cameras are not permitted on Shark dives.

Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary will take underwater photographs and footage during Shark Dive sessions at its discretion. Please note however that Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary staff's primary responsibility is guest safety, not photos.

Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary reserves the right to cancel any dive session should Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary decide that participation in a Dive is unsafe, or for any other reason which is at the absolute discretion of Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

Should a dive not proceed, then divers will be re-booked at the earliest possible time at the convenience of the Divers, taking into account available places.
Gift Certificates are non-refundable however they are transferable. Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary must be notified prior to any transfer.

A Gift Certificate must be redeemed within 3 months from date of purchase and the Dive must take place within the 3 months.




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Shark FAQ 575px

Everything You Need to Know...

Important note: It is an essential health and safety requirement of Shark Dive Xtreme for divers to be able to speak ENGLISH.

Why book online?

The easiest way to buy a Shark Dive is online, direct with us! Booking online guarantees you the date and time of your choice. Remeber to book early - our dives are popular and often sell out! Click below to get started.

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Alternatively you can call 1-800-078-446 to book a dive or purchase a gift voucher. If you received a gift certificate you cannot book it in online, please give us a call on 1-800-078-446 and quote your certificate number.

How can I contact the Shark Dive Xtreme team?

You can reach us on 1-800-078-446 or email at

When can I dive with the sharks?

6 days a week, several times a day. We are closed on Thursdays. Please note bookings are essential. Shark Feed dives only run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How long will the whole program take?

- Shark Dive Xtreme - approximately 2.5 hours
- Shark Feed Xtreme - approximately 3 hours

How old do I need to be?

Divers must be at least 14 years old. Divers under 18 must have Shark Dive Xtreme Declaration form signed by parent or guardian.

What is the cost?

When booking online, you can save up to $47 off the below standard walk-up prices. The online discounts vary, so please refer to the pricing page for current online pricing.

The standard prices are:

- Shark Dive program - $299
- Shark Feed Program - $395
- Corporate/Group Dives - price supplied by arrangement.

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I'm a Merlin Annual Pass holder - how do I get my discount?

Merlin Annual Pass holders are entitled to 20% off our standard walk-up prices, Monday to Friday (subject to availability). To get your Merlin Annual Pass discount, please call us on 1-800-078-446.

Do I need a doctors certificate if I don't have anything on the list?

You only need a doctors certificate if you have medical conditions on this list. Please check it carefully!

Can I take a camera into the tank?

No, but friends and family can take photos through the viewing tunnel. You also have the option of purchasing underwater souvenir photos or video footage after your dive.

Can I feed the sharks?

No, but with Shark Feed Xtreme you can be in the tank at feed time whilst our aquarists hand feed sharks, stingrays, turtles and fish.

Is there a shark cage for the dive?

There are no cages for a Shark Dive Xtreme experience. For Shark Feed Xtreme, whilst divers are in the sharks feeding territory they are in an open cage to provide protection if the 350kg animals get too close!

What do I need to bring?

Swimming costume, towel and toiletries. Certified divers must bring dive certification card.

Can I bring my own equipment?

All equipment is supplied, but you can bring own your full length wetsuit and mask if you wish.

Can I buy a dive as a present for friends and family?

Gift certificates are available for purchase.

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Can my friends watch me dive?

Friends and family can watch from the safety of the viewing tunnel and wave, blow kisses and take photographs. Friends and family get a 20% off admission to Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary to watch you dive.

Divers will enter the Oceanarium approximately one hour after your dive starts, so for a 9am dive friends can still see all of your dive when Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary opens at 9:30am.

Are there change rooms?

Changing rooms and shower facilities are available.

Do you have parking nearby?

Yes. Two car parks are located in Central Avenue, one in Whistler Street and one in Wentworth Street. All day pre-paid parking is available in the National Car Park, subject to conditions and availability.

You may have up to 2 hours parking free in one of these Car Parks between the hours of 6.30am and 6.59pm every day, subject to licence plate recognition conditions. Disabled parking is available in all Car Parks. For more information go to the Manly Council website.

How warm is the water?

The water temperature is the same as the ocean outside and therefore fluctuates with the season. With the colder weather approaching, the water can get quite cold, however we do provide warm wetsuits in winter.


Please note if you have your menstrual cycle, it does not affect our sharks or your ability to dive.

Can I extend my gift voucher?

Unfortunately no, however you can transfer your Gift Voucher to another person, if you are unable to dive for medical reasons. Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months after purchase and dives can be booked up to 3 months after the valid date. This means you could have up to 6 months to choose for your dive.

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Guest Reviews

Tony, Sydney

Thank you so much for making the Shark Dive Xtreme adventure something that I will always remember. Your patience and professionalism are a credit to you and the whole team at Shark Dive Xtreme. I really thought it would be fantastic and it was and it will be a Fathers Day gift that I will never forget. So thanks again to you and Wayne and maybe one day I will do it again as my daughter would love to give it a go, and now being a diving expert(ha, ha) I might try the feeding adventure.

Jess, Queenscliff

Quite simply the best experience of my life!

The Duffy Family, VIC

My family and I took the Shark Dive Xtreme at Manly on Sunday. I wanted to say what a great experience it was and what terrific people we had as guides. They were very professional, and despite this being their 4th dive of the day, were very enthusiastic, friendly and informative. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Please pass on our appreciation.

Ajay, UK

Unbelievable! Amazing life experience

Jamie, Newcastle

Absolutely excellent. Brilliant! Great job!

Alex, Manly

I am writing to say how much my goddaughter and her friend enjoyed their shark dive last Saturday. The staff were courteous and friendly and our family also very much enjoyed watching the girls dive. We took many photos and bought the disc with the video afterwards. We all had a great day and will recommend the experience to our friends. Thanks again and best regards.

Mika, Cronulla

Best birthday present ever!

Dave, San Francisco

Sensational. Definitely do it again!

Ralph and Donnalynn, Vancounver

Just want to thank you, again, for the great experience I had on the SDX dive with you, Katie and the other four divers. I've been back home here in Vancouver Canada for three weeks now and many people have asked and seen the pictures and video from the dive. I'm educating them on the true nature of grey nurse sharks they are not vicious man-eaters but rather a wonderful creature worthy of survival. Best wishes to you and the SDX staff!

Neil, Mosman

Great dive, great instructors


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