Armani joined us with 4 other penguins from Adelaide zoo. He has quickly taken his place as the most dominant of our new Little Penguin colony, and is making sure the other penguins know it! He has settled in to Penguin Cove quickly and his personality has fast become clear to the keepers.

Armani will only feed when he is in the water, and lets the keepers know. If he thinks they are too slow with his food, he'll come onto land, give them a look, then jump back into the water to wait to be fed. During feeding, he also asserts his dominance, and will push the other penguins out of the way to get his food.

Armani is the second largest penguin, and is about 5 years old. He can be identified by his black and white tags.


Versace, and his twin brother Mumble, are currently the youngest in our Little Penguin colony. He loves the water and is the most curious penguin. When the keepers are cleaning in the water Versace will come nice and close, swimming between their legs and pecking the cleaning equipment.

Versace speeds around Penguin Cove with the other Penguins, occasionally swimming so fast on the surface that he gets a little airborne!

Versace and Mumble came to Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary from Featherdale Wildlife Park. Versace can be identified by a light blue tag on his leg.

Versace 575px

Born to proud parents Louie and Princess Tyrion in June 2014, Tyrion is the first chick born at the sanctuary and is the first step into our captive breeding program, which we hope will play a larger part in assisting in the conservation of this endangered species.

After a long wait for his baby feathers to flutter away, Tyrion has joined its parents and the rest of the colony at Penguin Cove.

Tyrion's next big step is determining its gender which our Marine Biologists will be able to do after several more weeks of the little chick's development.

Tyrion Penguin



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