Little Penguin Personalities

Meet all of our Little Penguin's with big Personalities!

Cersi - Our New Baby!

Cersi is the newest addition to the Little Penguin Colony at Penguin Cove. The daughter of Princess and Louie and the sibling of Tyrion, Cersi was born in September 2014. Cersi is the second Little Penguin to be bred as part of our captive breeding program making this breeding season a very successful one for Princess and Louie. We hope the program will help to help raise awareness and protection for this seriously adorable endangered species.

We still cannot determine the gender of Cersi but this fun fact is coming soon! 



Born to proud parents Louie and Princess Tyrion in June 2014, Tyrion is the first chick born at the sanctuary and is the first step into our captive breeding program, which we hope will play a larger part in assisting in the conservation of this endangered species.

Tyrion's next big step, like his sister Cersi, is determining its gender which our Marine Biologists will be able to do after several more weeks of the little chick's development.

 Tyrion 2


Princess is our smallest penguin and is very shy, although she will approach the keepers she sees regularly.  She loves swimming and has paired with Louie. Louie and princess are the proud new parents of Tyrion and Cersi.


Louie is one of the more dominant and vocal males, and has paired with Princess. He loves being in the water, often swimming and diving at high speed. In 2014, Louie and Princess were the first Little Penguins in Penguin Cove to successfully hatch a chick - and they had two! Tryion and Cersi are the children of Princess and Louie.


A penguin who prefers land to water! Huey used to be very shy of the water and prefered to stand on top of the bridge but now swims for a large part of the day.



Brother of Huey and Louie and son of Hugo Boss. Dewey is very friendly and loves having the attention of the keepers. He is the best snorkeler, prefering to play in the bubbles at the surface of the water than dive.


Hugo Boss

Father of Huey, Dewey and Louie, Hugo Boss is a dominant male and prefers spending most of his time in the water. Holds the record for the most fish eaten in one day - 21 pilchards!

Hugo Boss


Despite being one of the largest females of the group, Maggie loves sneaking up on keepers during feeds. And while she likes swimming, she prefers to eat on land.



Lisa has paired with Clarence and is one of the quietest female birds. She loves to swim and has perfected the skill of snatching pilchard from the keeper's hands as she swims by.



One of the most popular males among the female penguins. Clarence has previously built three different nests in an attempt to attract multiple mates.


The daredevil of the group, Mumble has climbed virtually everything in Penguin Cove and is often found at the top of the bridge, jumping off it for fun. His best friend is his brother Versace.


Rarely not seen by Mumble's side, Versace is the friendliest penguin of the group and regularly tries to play with and speak to the keepers, although he gets confused when they don't understand him!

 Versace 2


One of the more dominant penguins, Armani enjoys swimming and has recently been nest building to attract a mate.  Usually quiet and keeps to himself but can be the loudest when excited.


Twirl & Velma

Twirl is extremely social and regularly approaches keepers out of curiosity during morning cleans. Her best friends are Huey, Dewey, Hugo Boss and Elvis and she loves playing in the water.

Velma loves swimming and has perfected the technique of feeding while in the water. She is generally quiet and gets along with everyone - including the sharks and fish!

Twirl and Velma

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