The National Parks and Wildlife Service are looking for new recruits to join its Little Penguin Recovery Team as Volunteer Penguin Wardens. We need caring people who will help us continue our program of public awareness and regular nightly patrols to watch over penguins at the Manly Wharf.

Our job is to educate the community and protect the penguins so they can breed safely from human or dog interference. Specifically, the aim of the Volunteer Penguin Wardens is to:

 - Patrol the Penguin breeding areas and nests at Manly Wharf and Federation Point - prevent dogs being on beaches and unleashed in these areas

 - Prevent contact with penguins or nesting area

 - Prevent use of flash photography of penguins

 - Educate and inform public about penguins and draw attention to Council and NPWS regulations regarding dogs, boating, interference with penguins and fishing

 - Receive training and become accredited with NPWS, make new friends and help save Manly's Little Penguins


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To sign up to become a Penguin Warden email:

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