Penguin Cove

Manly is lucky enough to be a breeding habitat for Little Penguins, and is one of the last colonies on the mainland of Australia! The local population of Little Penguins is around 60 breeding pairs, and they come ashore to nest every night between July and February. Manly's Little Penguin colony has been listed as an endangered population, and the local area has been declared a critical habitat for the population.

Cove Penguins

Every breeding season, people come to Manly to see the Little Penguins, and a Volunteer Penguin Warden Scheme was created. The aim of the Volunteer Penguin Wardens is to ensure that the penguins can breed in safety, and away from human and dog interference. The volunteers also educate and inform the public about the penguins, as well as making sure Council and NPWS regulations regarding dogs, boating, fishing and other interference with the penguins are followed.

Here at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary, Penguin Cove will be an area where visitors can see and learn about Little Penguins all year round. The Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary penguin colony is made up of captive bred and surplus animals from other institutions in line with the Australian species management plan for the Little Penguins.


Our Penguins

Meet some of the resident penguins who live here at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary


Become a Warden

The National Parks & Wildlife Service are looking for new recruits for the Volunteer Penguin Warden team

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