Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary successfully releases juvenile Great White Shark

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Marine experts from Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary have successfully released the infamous juvenile Great White Shark, which was found washed ashore and in distress on Manly Beach yesterday.


The juvenile male shark, estimated to be 1.8 metres in length, was found ashore by locals on Manly Beach and was then transferred to nearby Fairy Bower pool by the Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary team for observation. In order to give the animal the best chance to recover from his ordeal, he was transferred to a holding tank at the Manly sanctuary where the team assessed his condition overnight.


Following this, veterinary experts and NSW Fisheries joined forces with Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary to conduct a full health assessment and devise a plan of attack for his release. It was collectively decided the best course of action was to release him via boat, into deeper waters so the curious creature didn't find itself in a similar situation in the near future.


At 2.30pm yesterday, the Great White was released back into the ocean, 4 kilometres off Sydney's coastline with aquarists stating they had high hopes for the animal.


"White sharks are generally found in off shore environments and are strong swimmers so it is really unusual for one to wash up like this. We have been involved in dozens of rescues over the years but this one was certainly unique. It was truly a privilege to work with this species and it is  always great to be able to release an animal like this back to the wild and to see the amount of public support he had," said Mr Townsend.


Through its BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT initiatives, Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary prides itself on supporting local marine life through various rescue and conservation efforts, and will continue to do so until closing its doors at the end of the year. From 2018, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium will continue the legacy of the sanctuary, being on hand for marine rescues and BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT initiatives.

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