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We breed some of our incredible animals

Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary has been successful in breeding a variety of marine animals. SEA LIFE centres globally are the world's biggest seahorse breeding network, and have also had success with various species of sharks, tropical fish, jellyfish, octopus, corals and more.

Our goal is to breed these animals so that we can sustain our own collections and supply other aquariums without the need to collect animals from the wild. 

Our breeding success:

Grey Nurse Sharks

We are one of just a handful of aquariums that have been successful in breeding Grey Nurse Sharks. We currently have two juveniles on display, Murdoch who was born at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary in 2007 to mother Pallas, and Freckles who was born in 2010 at UnderWater World Mooloolaba.Grey Nurse Sharks are a critically endangered species, and through our captive population, we can learn how better to protect them in the wild.   

Port Jackson Sharks

We have had regular success at breeding Port Jackson sharks within our facility. This enables us to maintain our captive population without collecting from the wild. 

Wobbegong Sharks

We are currently home to a Wobbegong Shark that was born from an artificial uterus. This was a revolutionary project with the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute in trying to boost the potential for population recovery of endangered shark species like Grey Nurse Sharks. 

Southern Eagle Rays

Nicknamed 'miracle babies', we were lucky enough to witness the birth of 12 baby southern Eagle Rays. Our staff were very suprised when these little ones were born, as we only had female Eagle Rays. It was believed that the females had stored the sperm in their reproductive tracts until the conditions were right. This was the first time this was seen in captivity.


Australian zoos & aquariums breed around 50 Little Penguins a year! In the future we are hoping to add its own contribution to this number. The penguins here have all been genetically tested to give us the best possible mix for any progeny to help support captive populations and hopefully in the future the local population.


We have also had success breeding vulnerable Black Cod, Giant Cuttlefish, Fiddler Rays and freshwater gudgeons.

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